Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood CA presents The DOG & PONY SHOW a group of artists creating artworks depicting pup & pony play fetish – with a few kitties thrown in! Petplay is one of our favourite fetishes at LateXtra and a chance to see these great artists in one space (including our editor!) is one not to be missed….

Dayne Henderson Creates the Perfect Latex Organism

If Sigourney Weaver aka Ellen Ripley had encountered latex clad aliens wearing such otherworldly creations as those by storming new latex designer Dayne Henderson, the outcome may have been a tad different. Instead of wasting them with pulse rifles or engineering ways to blast them off into deep space, Ripley would have surely embraced the…

Stylish Shoppers At Le Boutique Bazaar

Brought to you by ‘alternative’ club, Torture Garden and Alexandra, the brain child of Wasted Chic fashion sales, the originator of this large, 40 vendor pop-up event. It’s a new shopping experience for those fashionistas with unconventional tastes. Each event gathers erotic and alternative clothing designers and accessory companies. This hand-picked selection of underground companies…

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