3D Latex Concept by Torres Natekx

First Step: Visual! First it was a vision, then a development of 5 different components: photographer, designer, models, cameraman and a 3d visualist. Everything finally came together and this project was born. Here’s a little taste …

Step One ** The First **Visual 3D Latex Shooting

What you see here is an out take from the first of four shoots. In this shoot Visual 3D effects were projected on shiny rubber catsuits which were kindly provided by Mad Duck Designs.

This special project was planned and transacted with a lot of passion, wholeheartedly and with love for details. With Lexy Electric, Miss Yulia Lunatic, Leopard Luxe and my humble self we had a perfect team of models. The visual Artist Michael Baumann lit the scene perfectly with a gorgeous play of colours using live programming. Special attention was given to the photograper, who shot realistic, lifelike photos without time-consuming editing.

The pictures don´t unmask the models, but show them in their very unique and beautiful EigenART. The art project was completed by our camera-specialist Julian Bordis.

If you want to see more of this project like it and share it and wait for the first results to come very soon! Stay tuned!

Konzept/ Idee : Torres Natekx
Fotograf : EigenART fotographie
Designer : Thomas Hrabak mad duck designs Latex Factory
Modelle : Lexy Electric, Leopard Luxe, Miss Yulia Lunatic , Torres Natekx
Visuales : Michael Baumann /  http://oktoskop.com/
Producer : Julian Salber / http://ramreelproductions.jimdo.com/ RAMREEL.Productions


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