Bibiana Atada

Bibiana Atada, the Swiss-born Spanish flame, is enjoying a successful career as an alternative model and dancer and is known to be an all round beautiful soul.

From a young age Bibiana was fascinated by tattoo as an artform, and since has used her body to express this passion. She says she knows exactly what message she wishes to express with her tattoos and finding inspiration for her next artwork is never a challenge. She had her first tattoo at 17 and it was an opportunity she could not let go…..

“I had the chance to be tattooed by the artist who inked the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I just could not pass this chance up”.

Bibiana’s first experience with latex was wearing a full enclosure catsuit which gave her an indescribable feeling. This was her first step into the fetish-modelling world, and since, there’s been no stopping her.

Photos by Peter Czernich

Bibiana’s had some wonderful opportunities to collaborate with talented designers, photographers and makeup artists. It seems that the more tattoos that adorn her skin, the more requests she has, not only for fetish and tattoo modelling, but as a fashion model too – a new and exciting adventure for this creative, unique alternative model.

Bibiana wishes for good health, and that her life can continue as it has so far, as she loves her job, and the small joys in life make her happy.

More galleries from Bibiana coming to our site soon! Meantime you can find her presence in various places on the web….

Instagram: bibiana_atada
Twitter: bibiana_atada


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