Miss Olympia Collars the Latex World

Let me introduce you to the new latex accessories collection by Miss Olympia… First up we have “Icarus” inspired epaulette collars and gauntlets. 
In the Icarus range, each item is exquisitely hand crafted and adorned with hand cut latex feather embellishments; if only Icarus himself had been blessed with latex feathers such as these beauties fashioned…

EctoMorph launch new collection

EctoMorph are leaders in stitched latex fetish fashion with designs to flatter all sexual persuasions and body shapes. Just recently, they launched a new range of “Big Girl Dresses” geared towards, bigger girls! The collection ranges in sizes from 16 plus and styles include vintage, 50s pin up, glamourous floor length gowns and cute versatile mini…

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