Kintamar Art

Artistically I am connected to the earth and sky. I am grounded by an active life within work and family and travel within local communities, learning of the diversity that stirs like colours to canvas. I share experiences with dear loved ones that explore the mystique of sensory landscapes within a safe and trusting embrace. The gentle process of moving through one’s own veins when whispered to, wrapped within the latex cocoon sheath, or when confined by Kinbarku-bi. I am somewhat novice with camera, playing with light and intuitive motion and form. My loving Domina offers herself willingly to the tune of sincerely applied Kinbarku sensual macramé at the caring paws of my expressive developments.

I hope you find these images of some delight. I attempt to shift or move your eye for pleasurable exchange, and should I succeed – I would be wrapped by smile, and encouragement.


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