Marnie Scarlet; In the Kingdom of the Blind

Marnie Scarlet staged her first solo show; In the Kingdom of the Blind, which took place on November 6th 2014 in the newly refurbished (after a fire) Resistance Gallery. The rebuild and redecoration has been a lengthy process but has turned out a classy affair, topped off to perfection with all the Scarlet Diva’s visuals.

It was an exhibition of art pieces, selected costumes and framed photography from just a few of the photographers that have captured the very essence of this dynamic woman. The night was interspersed with a few of her iconic acts.

This was the first date in the diary for the newly redecorated Resistance Gallery, exploding from the ashes in true subversive style! Marnie is a creative force, that has forged her own path, and is a totally unique woman. Along with acting as head designer at Libidex Ltd, her own unique (mainly rubber) costume designs and avant-garde performances, have caused a sensation all over Europe.

Marnie Scarlet-Diva, performed several of her famous live acts. Starting with a spoken word piece; eloquent and audible, as she originally hails from Holland (but you wouldn’t hear it), Lucifer’s Lament which seemed fitting for this ‘ remembrance’ time for the year. Then iconic Marilyn M comes to life from the Andy Warhol prints and takes centre stage. Finally Elizabeth, is all blood and needles. Capturing the shows, exhibits and crowd were TOGS; PUMP (see our gallery), Bobette, Farrukh Hyder, Gaynor Perry, Izaskun Gonzalez, Antonia Penia, Sin and Ben Hopper.

It brought back memories of seeing Marnie do her very first performance at the Resistance Gallery; a balloon-popping show to the song ’99 Red Balloons go by…’. Since then, 6 years ago, she has been an underground sensation. In recent times, there has been much international travel, which is now spanning the globe.

The exhibition presented an array of her incredible costumes. One of the most creative outfits should have be relegated to the bin, however, Marnie saved all her wet wipes, as she took off her make-up after each performance, and then fashioned them into a gown called Face Dress! Some of her unwearable art pieces include high heels made out of hyperdermic needles, thus proving some shoes are killer heels.

A gallery show highlighted just what a dream subject Marnie is for a photographer. The photographic art prints were by some of the UK’s greatest creative TOGS:

Nick Tucker
Terence Mendoza
Tigz Rice and
Izaskun Gonzalez

This woman’s creative essence, is a joy to behold.


Thanks to PUMP for the gallery

Review by Miss KIM


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