The how and why of Steelfinger’s Art

I got outed as a pervy in 1987 by one of my best friends and believe me, you wouldn’t want to be outed as a pervy in Germany in 1987 in the punk-scene! You just wouldn’t want to. That scene was strangely anti-sexed, especially those who were – as I was – also friends with the »Autonomen«, the politically active punks. Anyway, I’ve gotten over all that and even the friendship to the guy who outed me survived to this day. As a matter of fact, the whole thing had a huge effect on my self-esteem, since there was no point in trying to act »normal« any more to hide me being kinky.

I started to work as a graphic artist in the 1980s, went through stages as art-instructor, art-director at an ad-agency and partner in a small animation studio. After the collapse of the »new market« in 2001 we closed the studio and I returned to illustration and later on book design and editorial design.

In 1999 I finally decided to get my fetish- and bdsm work presented on a homepage instead of drawing them for poison-bin. Sure, I got published in »Schlagzeilen« and other mags occasionally, but there wasn’t any money to earn but I had to life on something. When 2006 arrived I finally published a first collection of short-stories, Illustrations and photographs in my book »Gizmo« in Germany. Working as a self-employed editorial-designer does not leave all too much time for doing unpaid work, but I still manage to sit down and do my illustrations.

My love for the »Ligne Clarie«, the franco-belgian comic style, is pretty obvious I recon. I’m massively influenced by artists like E.P. Jakobs, Hergé, Yves Challand or Ted Benoit – to name only a few – and of course my illustrations play with that style a lot and even if most of those works are single illustrations, I like to incorporate some typically comic word-balloons into them. I like if an illustration tells a story that provokes the onlooker to envision what might come next. The scenarios in my drawings are supposed to be slightly over the top, while still being rooted in reality. If I do accomplish that, I am content.

I am finishing the work on a storybook with the »Prison-Tales« story line, hopefully the German edition will be done within the next couple of month. Aside from that, I am writing and planning an autobiographical graphic novel, which of course will be about my experiences as a pervy in the 1980s and later. There are so many stories about coming out gay, but hardly anything about the every-day problems involved in being kinky. The times are completely different now from the 1980s, of course, but I still think, some of what I went through might be interesting for the younger people.



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