SubRosaDictum’s Secret Garden party

“Where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow.”  (Frances Hodgson Burnett – The Secret Garden)

In this popular children’s story the allegorical reawakening of the Secret Garden both parallels, and is the catalyst for, child protagonists Colin and Mary’s own rebirth.

“When new beautiful thoughts began to push out the old hideous ones, life began to come back to him [Colin], his blood ran healthily through his veins and strength poured into him like a flood.”

“When her [Mary] mind gradually filled itself with robins, and moorland cottages crowded with children, with queer crabbed old gardeners and common little Yorkshire housemaids, with springtime and with secret gardens coming alive day by day, and also with a moor boy and his “creatures,” there was no room left for the disagreeable thoughts which affected her liver and her digestion and made her yellow and tired.”

At SubRosaDictum’s Secret Garden party on 9th August I doubt greatly the presence of any “queer crabbed old gardeners” or “common little Yorkshire housemaids”(!)   It’s hard to tell though as I was under fire from potent Munich cocktails upon entry to this surreal and magical event.  As far as my bleary eyes could see, stretched a kinkfest of the highest definitive Europe has to offer.

To date I’ve attended a fair few kink parties in my time, mostly in the UK but increasingly so in Europe, mainly Germany with parties in Berlin, Fetish Evolution and now SubRosaDictum.  In the UK events tend to be fairly formulaic, dare I say it, even bordering on tedium, but in Germany the locations and concepts have proved much more imaginative.  SubRosaDictum didn’t deviate from this zenith-like standard and did not fail to impress.


Most parties, even the very best ones, usually revolve around a venue procured exclusively for club nights.  The beauty of SubRosaDictum is that each party is built from scratch around a locale which does not normally host club nights let alone those charged with such dynamic debauchery.  In fact, in most cases (the exception being the Kesselhaus Munich) the owners of the selected venue prefer to disassociate themselves from any affiliation with fetish or BDSM.  This gives SubRosaDictum exclusivity to run parties in locations which usually refuse to entertain fetish events.  Moreover, as a condition of purchasing the ticket, the guests are forbidden to disclose the name of venue (on pain of punishment and torture perhaps…?)  All this intrigue serves to ensure the pervy patrons and punters feel like they belong to an elite coterie ready to be enraptured and enthralled when they cross the threshold of this enigmatic haunt.

I had the great fortune and honour of being invited to the covertly pseudonymous venue to see “Der Geheime Garten” (The Secret Garden) concept germinating and burgeoning within such an esoteric setting.  Just like the metaphorical Secret Garden story I witnessed SubRosaDictum come alive hour by hour.  From 9am, 8th August to 9pm on 9th August the dedicated organisers toiled and travailed, exerted and elaborated, slaved and schlepped to transform the (already breathtaking) venue into something really very special.  I’d go as far as to say awe-inspiring.  I watched mesmerised as the immense glasshouse, which was  home to dozens of bamboos and other exotic botanical specimens, evolved into an opulent social space where potent perves could irrigate, integrate, amalgamate, consolidate and by jove have a ruddy good time!


Gallery of photos by: Heinrich v. Schimmer, (report continues after the gallery)

As I meandered (or as well as one can meander in 6” latex thigh boots) around the rest of Der Geheime Garten the labyrinthian proportions of the efflorescent setting soon became apparent to me.  The al fresco foyer area was furnished with Grecian sculpture ornamentation illuminated with supernatural lighting to set the scene for the otherworldly surroundings.  Exuberant sofas upholstered with lush green pasture (yes real grass folks!) made me want to dive bomb them immediately.  Then I remembered I was wearing 400 Euros worth of Fantastic Rubber bespoke latex and thought better of it…   I marvelled instead at the prodigious dice which measured at least 2 metres cubed, each of its 6 facets again enveloped in tactile grassy lushness.  With one roll of this gargantuan dice I’d say the odds were stacked in favour of us having riotous regalement!

Further exploration led to an internal boulevard shimmering with a thousand flickering candle lit Moroccan lanterns.  This was the central play area where translucent voile curtains served to create numerous individual private spaces for those intent on diabolism or just hardcore sex…  The scopophiliacs in the midst may have been thwarted by the wafting portieres shielding their stares so they consoled themselves with the abundant comfy couches in the main space to lounge and consider their next lustful move.  Off to the sides were alleyways of abandonment and inlets of iniquity where lewdness, licentiousness, sinfulness and wickedness were all order of the day.

We may thank the Omnipotent One that SubRosaDictum doesn’t follow the conventionalist herd when it comes to hosting a communion of kink.  Every detail and minutia is carefully considered and contemplated from furniture, glass, music, light, decoration and drink.  Every flower on every table is arranged with “love and a little bit of fairy dust”.  Just like “The Secret Garden”, “Der Geheim Garten” blossoms and grows through virtuosic love and dedication with more than just a pinch of magical enchantment rather than mercenary or material gain.  That is what sets SubRosaDictum apart from all the others.

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