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Bella Orion

The International Glaminatrix: Bella is Latextra's contributing editor and a professional dominatrix in London and Paris. She's renowned for her passion for heavy rubber and all things shiny.


From time to time, we have a guest contributors who share their event reviews and experiences

Miss Kim

Passionate lover of all-things-fetish for the past 25 years. Promoter of fetish clubs for 20 years; Rubber Nipple, Club RUB ( and Rubber Cult ( Has a particular penchant for hoods. Runs with Rachel May. Love medical paraphernalia, fetish photography, costume themes and Pernod ;)

Miss Olympia

Peanut sized latex designer with a penchant for pervery


My main focus & drive is my love of everything latex & rubber...mmmmm...BLACK, SHINY & TIGHT clothing & hoods - wearing it & of course meeting other, lovely like minded people who enjoy dressing & playing in it tooo!! Why...?...because I'm a rubber 'Pervert', that's why!!! : )


Keeping it real and rubbery down in tropical Brighton. A lover of haute couture garments made of rubber. Oh yes, and a self confessed rubber poseur. She's not saying she has it, but she does like to flaunt it and watch others flaunt it too.

Rachel May

Editor-in-chief of LateXtra: A self-confessed erotic art addict with a specific interest in the artistic side of fetishism and BDSM Webmistress and designer for the erotic industry - find out more:



A latex-loving design guru with a particular love of anything different from the usual. A bit of a tinkerer - has been known to build the odd thing or two including an disco-fied gasmask with built in LED system.

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