About LateXtra

LateXtra: a magazine about latex, and a few things extra. Produced by Rachel May who is part of the team who create the famous Skin Two magazine.

The original LateXtra was first published around the late 90s and has continued somewhat irregularly over the years. It was released as a free magazine between issues of Skin Two, focussing mainly on the Skin Two Rubber Ball, UK events and other related topics.

Each issue will have regular features from our contributors, who all have at least a love of latex in common. We’ll be going clubbing and interviewing scene personalities. Miss Olympia will share her latex craft guides and tutorials. Rubberdude will be your Agony Uncle and Jackson Rocco will talk dirty to you. SpikeyO and Bella Orion will be spotlighting not only latex designers and international models, photographers and artists but also newcomers to the world of latex; those people who are just discovering this tactile and visually exciting fabric. And that’s not all…. We will also feature anything of an alternative culture persuasion that we feel is complementary to our philosophy.

In brief, LateXtra will be about and for, anyone who incorporates latex into their lifestyle in some way, and not only those people who are famous for it!