The all new LateXtra magazine

Dedicated to the thriving latex culture from past and present: quality articles, world class rubber fashion, art and photography, the best events and above all, a sharp focus on the latex lifestyle. A magazine for latex enthusiasts, fetish fashion lovers and anyone new to the global latex community looking for information and advice about designers and products, culture and events.


Rubberists, fetish fringe-dwellers, straight up latex exhibitionists, newcomers curious about the latex lifestyle, professionals who use latex in their work, party animals, models, photographers, designers, club promoters, fashionistas, fetishistas and anyone with an open mind attracted to stuff out-of-the-norm.


Our content is original, quality writing from the perspective of a true latex lover. The photography and art is unique and we search for the stuff that hasn’t been seen over and over on the social networks. Our design is meticulous and cutting edge – we are as passionate about that, as we are about latex!


Rachel May and Bella Orion have joined forces creating an editorial team based on strong technical and creative skills. Together they boast experience that spans over 15 years in the erotic and mainstream publishing industry.

Rachel moved to London from her home country Australia in 1999 immediately finding her feet as a web designer and photographer in the flourishing UK fetish scene. Now based in Paris, France, her clients range from designers to event promoters, models and professional mistresses along with an ongoing role for Skin Two magazine.

Bella originates from Vancouver and moved to the UK in 2002, having previously lived in Japan. Her career as a columnist spanned nearly a decade with some of her most notable columns appearing in the Metro and National Enquirer (UK versions). During that time she began moonlighting as a professional dominatrix in London and is internationally renowned for her passion for heavy rubber dress and play.

Our talented team of contributors includes: SpikeyO, RedRub, Miss Olympia, Miss Kim, Jackson Rocco Miss Kitsch and RubberDude – we all have a love for the latex lifestyle and are all equally passionate about creating a high quality publication, highlighting the very best aspects of the scene. Find out more about our contributors here


The purchase of latex clothing and accessories is a serious and regular investment for our audience, and it is our intent to showcase only the BEST companies in LateXtra. We have limited allocated pages for advertisements – why? because we have pages and pages of gorgeous photography, art and stories to fill it, instead.

All magazine adverts include a free banner or news story on our website at This will deliver extra targeted traffic driven from social media, Google and other search engines. PLUS for this introductory offer, we’ll also design your ad for you, for FREE*

LateXtra will be available from select outlets across the globe in glossy, shiny, colourful print or, for quick and easy access, as a download in various eBook formats. We are also working with an agency who will manage delivery into the most popular electronic newsstands e.g Apple, Amazon, Google

With a short print run and some of the best content around, we believe each LateXtra magazine will become a collector’s item – become a part of fetish history by securing your advert in Issue 1, today.

Need more convincing? See our cover here and read more about Issue 1. Otherwise, call or email Bella now for a chat and she’ll send you a free preview PDF of the magazine.

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