Brighton – The New Home Of Fetish

Brighton has had a dedicated Fetish Weekend for a number of years now, aptly called Brighton Fetish Weekend. However, what has put Brighton on the fetish map, is the newly opened Dungeon Bar, just off Brighton seafront. An intimate members bar and apart from special events, it’s FREE!

It’s not just a themed bar with a few whips and chains to attract the holiday makers and hen parties but a fully functional dungeon. The sort of thing you ‘never’ see in a fetish club as it would just be too risky to leave that many toys hanging around. It’s a rare and delightful treat to be able to go out in something, not that particularly fetish (as they like their members to feel confident and sexy in fetish or simple and smart), and have a night out as if you were in a rented dungeon. Except this is FREE and you get voyeurs thrown in too. Well, it’s a bar after all! All the huge pieces of playroom equipment have been made by Fetters. They have a great, well stocked bar at reasonable prices with hand-picked happy staff who couldn’t be more at home, as kinksters themselves.

Of course, if you are anything like me, then a chance to get dressed up in fetish gear is a delight. How fantastic that in Brighton now, you don’t have to wait for someone to throw a party or a club event. There’s even a kink friendly hotel above it…talk about a dirty weekend!

Brighton has an abundance of art galleries, restaurants and great shopping. If fetish art appeals to you then you will love the selection of sculptures and paintings at the Dungeon Bar. There is rubber framed art by local artist Michelle Mildenhall, As well as a huge *ahem* selection of Fetish penis Art by their resident artist Jess Eaton including a set of flying dicks hanging subtly above the bar, they are all on the quirky side and add a real opulance. Only having been relaunched in February by local fetish princess Kitten Skye they are already supporting the local art community having put on an ‘open house’ during the Fringe Festival and getting involved in the new Pride Art and Film Festival coming soon.

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Cub RUB has teamed up with the Dungeon Bar for a very special joint-event on August 8th 2015. Located in the basement, 12a Regency Square, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2FG. Tel: 01273 781220. Open from 6pm till 2am (or later 😉 Wear any fetish clothing. However, rubber and latex is encouraged. Come already dressed if you can, as it’s not a big venue.

This special one-off event is only £20! More on the door, if there are any tickets left. This should sell out. Buy your TICKETS now for August 8th 2015.


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By Rachel May

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