Club Rub reviewed by Master Jasmack

When I first got to the The Garage I noticed a guy in security gear waiting at the entrance to the upstairs venue room.

“Excellent”, I thought, I am ex-forces and security is always on my mind.

So I introduced myself and his attitude was in the high positive value: Not too familiar, not too stand offish, and with a professionalism that was impressive. He checked my bag for firearms, made sure I was where I was really meant to be, and with a warm smile, told me to have a great night.

First point of my five point rating system. Anything with less than five points usually warrants me leaving immediately.

So I entered The Garage, went up the stairs, and met a very nice lady dressed in a pink Wenches outfit.

In what I now know as her genuine bubbly self, she welcomed me to the Pirates and Wenches night, took my entrance fee, and wished me a great evening.

Point number two: The host/hostess on hand to welcome members and guests. This is quite important for me as I am a stickler for etiquette, and Kim showed it was important for her too.

After I got my first drink, I sat and watched the members and guests arrive, mingle, chat, finish their costume touches, and just generally settle into a night of pleasure.

I looked around at the various pieces of furniture laid on for the night and I was, again, impressed that the choice of furniture offered the greatest amount of versatility without being overly complicated: A St Andrews cross (X), a couple of seat ensembles, and some movable mini stages, gave the impression that this has all been done time and time again, and the experience was put to the best possible use.

Point number three: This is no amateur hour, but an experienced and professional set up.

And this is all still only in the first half hour of arriving.

First drink down and the second in my hand, I noticed the bar was filling up with a lot of people. One barman to serve the entire night? Could this be a disaster in terms of the pub trade? Could I have my first black mark? Lol. Another impressive choice and point number four. The bar man. I don’t know where they found him but he was amazing. Probably a member of The Garage staff, but he kept the drinks flowing without even missing a heart beat.

What I thought was my final point(?) goes to the DJ: A mixture of sounds from a wide variety of genres from house, to garage, to punk, to easy, to … too many to even remember. Not a single break in the rhythm of the night, the passion of the crowd, or the harnessing of the best possible taste for the type of crowd that was by now filling the venue to a beautifully colored, and wonderfully wicked people. Yes, this was Point number five, and I stayed to have the best night in London for a long time.

As the night progressed I met a fellow FetLife member and she introduced me to her friends, I wandered around and watched as some subs were taken in hand, I relaxed in the separate room, I played with a couple of beautiful ladies.

And then I met a couple with a sub husband. The wife asked me to Dominate him and so I plied my trade in the middle of the room. No one tried to join in, interfere, or take over, and I made sure he was OK with everything I did. His wife joined in and followed my instruction and we both gave him some wonderful stinging pleasure until he said the magic word: Pineapple. I made sure he was OK, untied him, and we all chatted until the end.

Point number six: Not a thing I usually give – more than five points, but that night, the Pirates and Wenches themed night, just had too many things going for it. And can I say, the utter lack of trouble, that I saw at least, was a testament to the type of people that frequent this lifestyle so much.

I have very rarely been in a vanilla pub and left at the end of the night thinking: “Ooh, no trouble”. For this I thank the other members and guests and ask you give yourselves a point too. So technically: Seven points of a positive nature.

All in all this night was, and the credit goes to everyone, with Kim at the helm, a night to measure all others by. If you can organize a night that even half way matches the Pirates and Wenches night, then you have a success story on your hands.

Thank you KimRub.

Master Jasmack
Captain “Red Beard” Mackinnon
Jason Mackinnon


By Rachel May

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