Dayne Henderson Creates the Perfect Latex Organism

Photography: Steven McIvor Model: Louise Quinn Herron

If Sigourney Weaver aka Ellen Ripley had encountered latex clad aliens wearing such otherworldly creations as those by storming new latex designer Dayne Henderson, the outcome may have been a tad different.

Instead of wasting them with pulse rifles or engineering ways to blast them off into deep space, Ripley would have surely embraced the parasitic face-huggers and their “perfect organism” mother.  Hell, she’d have ripped the latex couture off their extra terrestrial backs and donned it herself given half a chance.

Finally, she’d have settled down into her stasis pod only to awake 57 years later ready for a catwalk show at TG, RubberCult or the like.  I’m sure the rubberatti around these parts would agree that to see Ripley ensconced in the finest latex garb known to aliendom as she emerges from her pod would push our rubber buttons much harder than the iconic fabric vest and panties vision which was every schoolboy’s (and old perve’s) wet dream  in the 1980s.

Dayne Henderson has indeed created “the perfect (latex) organism” with his collection of highly original, cutting edge designs.  His pieces champion total latex enclosure with bold colours and geometric design which dehumanise the wearer to something more mutant alien insectoid than humanoid.  Perforated eyes, closed mouths (but for the single hole perfectly proportioned for a straw shaped proboscis protruding from a G&T), cleverly sculpted inflatable hair pieces and laminated spikes serve to complete the metamorphosis.

In only a year Dayne has launched his solo career at warp speed since graduating from the University of Sunderland in 2012 with a first class degree in fashion product and promotion. Shows at London Fetish Weekend, Torture Garden, RubberCult and Dominatrix have blurred past with such rapidity that the 26 year old designer from Newcastle says that he himself has been left reeling with disbelief at his fortunate although wholly deserved success.

Lady Gaga wearing Dayne Henderson
Lady Gaga wearing Dayne Henderson

And, after all that, international recognition beckoned with the Gaga girl herself getting in on the Henderson latex alien act. The story goes that the power of social media came into play with an April Fool’s Day Twitter exchange between Dayne and one of the singer’s stylists. This led to a no joke commission for a series of custom designed hoods, masks and head pieces for Lady Gaga and her dancers on her Artpop Ball world tour which hit the UK in October 2014. The mere 12 days which the designer had to produce the Gaga goods was a challenge but he didn’t dare fail. Heck, I myself feel a teeny bit guilty now for hassling him for the custom catsuit and hood which I had ordered for my own deadline at the same time as he was under such pressure from a mega star commission!

Still, testament to Dayne as he proved he treats the minnows with the same professional regard as the big fish as he didn’t let me down, even when I kept asking idiotic questions like, how do you pump up the hood…?

God forbid Ellen Ripley encounters the latexed Lady Gaga Mother Alien anytime soon on a stage near you…the result could be messy…

Dayne has just launched his brand new website with a wicked promo video to boot >

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By Rachel May

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