Jess Eaton – Concept Artist Extraordinaire

Jess Eaton is a conceptual artist, a truly amazing woman with passion running through her veins. Her every thought is creative but it’s the deliciously twisted kind that make her art compulsive, kinky, fetishistic and bizarre.

Now settled and happily living in Brighton, Jess has had an amazing career travelling the world. It all started as a freelance artist in 1990, living in Germany she started as a make up artist in the music business traversing the world with Europe’s most famous pop stars and celebrity clients.

Over the years the natural progression, for one so creative, was to branch out into costume and fashion design. As a talented artist and painter, she then went on to do body painting and sculpture. Jess is always moving on to the next creative process and still loves to try new things, the latest being photography and taxidermy.

Never standing still creatively and with even more strings to her bow, Jess returned to the UK where she wowed the Brighton community with Roadkill Couture™ her controversial but highly acclaimed range of bespoke couture garments. It was first showcased at Brighton Fashion Week 2011 and received a standing ovation and extensive press coverage. Since then several garments have been in glossy fashion magazines including LOVE magazine Issue 8, worn by iconic KATE MOSS.

The garments comprises of lots of ethically source elements. Creations are made out of the pelts, feathers and the bones of animals that have been killed and eaten as food or have been accidentally killed on the roads or died of natural causes. It’s a celebration of the exquisite design of nature and is giving a second life to things of wonder and beauty when they would normally perish or simply be discarded. Absolutely no animal was, or ever will be harmed or killed for the making of the collection. Using a smorgasbord of dead animals; fur, horns and wings, she is challenging the ethical use of dead animals, because she is celebrating their lives by bringing them back to life. Mixing feathers and horse hair, whilst wings are teamed with delicate bird skull necklaces. Other extraordinary creations included hats made from shearling and rams horns and a hood made entirely out of a foxes head, a cut-throat take on Little Red Riding Hood story.

Jess is an ideas person, she is also very hands-on and will often see a project from conception right through to the end. It’s not unusual for her to do the styling, makeup and photography. Plus of course she will have made the garment and probably has the idea for where it should be shot. Relishing in the whole process, she enjoys making things of beauty, that are eye catching and unique.

Jess is the artist-in-residence at the Dungeon Bar in Brighton. Many of her works adorn the walls from the collection of gas masks, to an ornate ‘cock’ shrine entitled Sunday Worship (which I am reliably informed is a replica of her fellas willy!). I personally loved the Flying Cocks. She’s the Lady Gaga of Brighton, part peacock, part maverick…all artist.

Very exciting is her latest project ‘hoods’ made from breathable mesh fabric. I own two and not only are they beautiful and eye catching but they are comfortable too. And all of this for £25 each.

Currently available for commissions from clubbers to pop stars and Glassy mags to pornos 😉 Want a headdress? And she still does make up of any kind from drag to weddings.

Just how creative is Jess:


By Rachel May

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