Satanic Warrior by Twisted Visions

The shoot took place during the first weekend of winter; it was -10 degrees Celsius in the air. The model Celinamon Buns was a tough girl enduring the cold in latex. Celinamon Buns is known as a Tattoo and Pin-up model. She brings full energy to the shoot with an amazing positive attitude and really rocks out hard.

The Satanic Warrior design was inspired by the movie “The Warriors” from 1979. The design isn’t based off of any specific costume from the show though; it’s my vision of what I would do in that sort of scenario.

The collar is simple Smokey Black transparent latex with eyelets in the back to lace up with silk ribbon bow. This design is available in more colours and custom orders. The Thickness of latex 0.40mm and Cost for the collar is $30

The warrior top comes with little spikes and snap buttons. It is multicolour latex, and has a variety of colors with white, purple, red, green, yellow, and blue. The thickness of the latex is 0.40mm and spikes are nickel. Cost for the warrior top is $140.00

The warrior inverted cross high waist bottoms matches colours with the warrior top.

Nickel spikes are medium size cone shape. The latex is thicker where the spikes are located to secure them properly. Available in custom colours as well. The cost is $160.00

Thigh high garter set is Smokey black transparent 0.40mm with solid black strips ruffles on the bottom and multicolour bows in the front. Nickel metal hoops attached on the top front and back allow for options to have garter attachments.

Twisted Visions latex sheets supplier for multicolour latex is from Yummy Gummy Latex. This design is made to order, to fit your size and available in custom colours. Spikes are high quality nickel. Latex is 0.40mm – 0.60mm.


-Model / Hair / Makeup; Celinamon Buns

-Photography; Jen Hammer Photo

Latex Designed; Twisted Visions by Chantele Smith

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By Rachel May

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