Stylish Shoppers At Le Boutique Bazaar

Brought to you by ‘alternative’ club, Torture Garden and Alexandra, the brain child of Wasted Chic fashion sales, the originator of this large, 40 vendor pop-up event. It’s a new shopping experience for those fashionistas with unconventional tastes. Each event gathers erotic and alternative clothing designers and accessory companies. This hand-picked selection of underground companies are the purveyors of luxe lingerie, hand crafted millinery, shiny latex, leather body harnesses. Which was all presented against live DJ sets, cocktails and a photo-booth.

McQueens bar offers up three floors of design supremos, couture rubber, custom corsetry, elaborate headwear, exotic jewels and up-market bespoke interior design. This award-winning venue in Shoreditch, feels like you have been transported back to Studio 54 or BIBA back in the 1970s. Very stylish, and with cocktails for just £5, very decadent too.

Not only were 99% of the items for sale, but you could talk to the designers, discuss your requirements and pre-order something special and unique, in time for Christmas, New Year or even Valentine’s. A great opportunity to just meet with them too. It gives unique, alternative traders, artists and artisans a chance to showcase a vast selection of wonderful items.

The pop-up photo studio downstairs was supplied by by Andy of Gothic Image. Quite a few had come dressed to impress and had their portrait shot.

Le Boutique Bazaar took me quite a while to get around due to an abundance of stalls. I met with Amoria from Kin-key Interiors (, unique as they provide everything you need for erotic home, room or event. Melissa Tofton makes very intricate and complex leather body harnesses and collars ( everything you’d need to piece together the perfect outfit. Each event draws in the most stylish of shoppers, all looking for a Christmas treat and something special to wear for the festivities.

Le Boutique Bazaar from 12-6pm at McQueen, 55 Tabernacle Street. Entrance is £5, for further details visit

For the ultimate shopping experience, with the best of London’s alternative fashion scene

Zorenko London
Kiss Me Deadly
Karolina Laskowska
Mantis London
Filthy Dirty
Itsy Bitsy Vintage
Rosita Bonita
Jed Phoenix
Lady Lucie Latex
Pandora Deluxe
Engineers of Desire

Lydia Wall
Lucy Hanks
Titmore & Asspley
Krystalline Black
Nearer the Moon
Dark Jinx
The Blue Hour
Madame Cozier
Dollies Little Follies
Anita Nemkyova
Stripped Beautiful

Lacing Lilith
Melissa Tofton
The Model Traitor
Feverish Imaginings
Darkest Star
Loveday London
Kin-key Interiors
Simon Hearn


Email for vendors: for more details.

Photos taken at Le Boutique Bazaar November 30th by MarcusT Photography

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By Rachel May

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