Dayne Henderson Creates the Perfect Latex Organism

Photography: Steven McIvor Model: Louise Quinn Herron

If Sigourney Weaver aka Ellen Ripley had encountered latex clad aliens wearing such otherworldly creations as those by storming new latex designer Dayne Henderson, the outcome may have been a tad different. Instead of wasting them with pulse rifles or engineering ways to blast them off into deep space, Ripley would have surely embraced the… Continue reading Dayne Henderson Creates the Perfect Latex Organism

What the best dressed insects are wearing this autumn…latex of course!

The metamorphosis from humanoid to insectoid may for some, exist only in a Kafkaesque nightmare of the absurd. Tres Bonjour challenge such insectophobic prejudices with their dreamscape collection “Sensation du Corps” : six latex couture outfits designed exclusively for the 30 ROCKS anniversary issue 2012 of TUSH Magazine. The theme : insects. 

Miss Olympia Collars the Latex World

Let me introduce you to the new latex accessories collection by Miss Olympia… First up we have “Icarus” inspired epaulette collars and gauntlets. 
In the Icarus range, each item is exquisitely hand crafted and adorned with hand cut latex feather embellishments; if only Icarus himself had been blessed with latex feathers such as these beauties fashioned… Continue reading Miss Olympia Collars the Latex World